About Us

Hrisikesh is as much a story about the senses as it is about the soul. Our journey of following and finding the perfect scent began a few years ago when we explored various sources in India to find the most sustainable and natural scents and fragrances. It took us a couple of years of research to finally be able to bottle these stories –that begin in herbs and flowers but become personal to the one who wears them.

Fragrance, like music, has the power to trigger a memory and improve our mood and experience. That’s the power these attars hold.
Natural attars and ouds are a part of Indian history and culture since ancient times.

Hrisikesh fragrances –Natural, Organic, and Artisanal —make you a part of that history.
The name Hrisikesh comes from a place in India near Haridwar, by the bank of the Ganges River. For Indians, Ganga is not a river, but a goddess who has seen generations of human stories unfold on her Ghats. She’s both a witness and a purifying presence, and Hrisikesh aims to take you to the same holy place where many souls have found both peace and home.
Hrisikesh fragrances through their different scents – Basant, Chamak, Nirvana, etc— also aim to help you find that core, that essence, that happiness, and maybe home.

Let’s celebrate that continuity, let’s celebrate the essence of the Indian way of life.