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sandalwood attar

Sandalwood Attar Rundown: Why is It Popular?

Have you ever heard of a substance that smells pleasant, has numerous health advantages, and can also be applied to the skin?  

Sandalwood, also known as Lal Chandan in India, has a long history in Ayurveda due to its wealth of health benefits and opulent aroma.   

Indian native trees of the sandalwood species are prized for their fragrant wood and oil. It is used in various products, such as perfumes, incense, and traditional medicinal remedies.  

Sandalwood oil is one of the costliest teakwood in the world and is known for its pleasant fragrance.  

People who daily visit religious places and temples usually use Pure sandalwood attar, because of aromatic smell and it offers a pure smell to the deity, who is supposed to be living amidst us.  

The trees can take up to 15 years to mature and produce the fragrant oil, which is found in the heartwood and roots of the tree.  

Numerous products are made from sandalwood essential oil, like soaps, medicines, and hair oils, and you can also find original sandalwood attars online.   

Along with other therapies, sandalwood oil has been used in these procedures to help with: 

  • From cold 
  • difficulties with the liver, gallbladder, and urinary tract infections 
  • digestive problems 
  • muscle problems 
  • mental disorders 
  • Haemorrhoids
  • scabies 

Sandalwood is a desired ingredient in fragrances and aromatherapy because to its smell. Aromatherapy uses aromatic oils to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. Several ancient cultures used aromatherapy. 

Best Properties of Sandalwood-  

According to certain research, sandalwood provides health benefits. Studies indicate that sandalwood may be beneficial for  

  • anti-inflammatory 
  • reduce anxiety  
  • help for healing wounds  
  • preventing skin cancer  
  • battle bacteria  


According to Trusted Source, sandalwood may have anti-inflammatory effects via altering cell signalling in the body. According to some data, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are two disorders where sandalwood may be useful in reducing inflammation. 


A single anxiety study In Trusted Source research of 87 women undergoing breast biopsies, aromatherapy using lavender, sandalwood, and orange-peppermint was found to help control anxiety. 

According to the study, after receiving aromatherapy of pure sandalwood attars, the individuals' blood pressure and salivary cortisol levels both decreased.  

Wound Healer 

Skin cells have been shown to have scent-specific olfactory receptors, according to German researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. They discovered that turning on such receptors appeared to promote the growth of skin cells. 

Skin Cancer  

A molecule contained in sandalwood oil, according to research published in the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, may aid in the battle against skin cancer. The name of such a substance is santol. According to some studies, this ingredient may aid in the promotion of malignant cell death.  

Attar Making  

Attar is a perfume oil created by distilling flower petals in water at low heat and pressure. The aroma-oil-containing steam is collected over weeks and placed in a bottle of light sandalwood oil.   

India produces the best and original sandalwood attars and the oil is used as a "base" or "fixative" in the art of perfumery or attar-making.   


Sandalwood oil has been used for generations in the manufacture of the best attar in India, soaps, candles, incense, traditional medicine, and for religious and cultural purposes due to its sweet, potent, and enduring aroma. And if you are looking for the best attars for men and women, then Hrisikesh has the finest variety of pure sandalwood attars