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Attar VS Perfume: Which Is Better?

Attar VS Perfume: Which Is Better?

Wearing a beautiful attire for an event but not impressed by the way you smell?  

Fragrances are one of the most important items for any occasion. Whether you are going out with someone special, hanging out with friends or even taking a part in any traditional activity. It’s important to smell good and fresh throughout the night.  

In the market, there are various forms in which fragrance comes whether it's a mist, a synthetic perfume and an Oudh attar perfume. But if you are looking for the most popular options then, you will only hear perfume and attar.   

There are some questions that need to be answered regarding attars before we start using them. 

How do both items differ, and which is better?  

Attars are one of the oldest kinds of fragrances. It is a perfect mixture of essential oil that is extracted from flowers, leaves, roots and other plant parts. Attar perfumes are concentrated fragrances that are completely free from any alcohol or synthetic ingredients.   

Synthetic perfumes have a high concentration of alcohol, water and essential oil for fragrance while also being a luxury smell product.  

Contrary to deodorants, fragrances are far more intense and provide a pleasant smell for a shorter period. They are usual made of 10 to 20% of perfumes oil mixed with alcohol and water.  


Natural attar perfumes are made from pure ingredients. Pure sandalwood attars are concentrated and they are prepared using botanical sources which are mostly essential oils.  

Synthetic perfumes have a higher quantity of alcohol for fragrance but have a lesser quantity of essential oils in them.   

For example, if look for any synthetic perfume and pure Morga attar online (or any attar perfume), you will find that attars have no alcohol content but all synthetic perfumes have some amount of alcohol.    

Manufacturing Process 

The process of making a synthetic perfume is shorter than natural attar perfumes. As synthetic perfumes are made from alcohol, chemical fibres and perfume oils for fragrances.  

But attar perfumes take longer time, as it is made from a traditional method of hydro-distillation. The process requires lots of equipment like  

  • Traditional degs which are copper still and used for opening connections to one or two receivers, 
  • Bhapka which acts as a condenser in attar making, 
  • Traditional bhatti are used to build up bricks and clay,   
  • Gachchi is cooling water tank near Bhapka, to make the oil cool.   

Making of attar includes mixing of all plant parts for fragrance.   

For example, a pure Gulab attar will contain all the important oil of the roots, flowers, leaves etc of the rose plant. But some synthetic perfume companies use attars as an essential oil for fragrance.   

More Effective  

Synthetic perfumes are sprays that contain alcohol which usually evaporates fast if they are exposed to heat or moistures places. Perfumes fade quickly, and their duration might range from one to five hours, depending on their capacity.  

Attar is extracted naturally from the base material and has a high density of aroma. Attar oil is thick and only requires a few drops, and it can last from 7 to 24 hours, depending on exposure to heat.  

For example, if you apply any synthetic perfume to your clothes or spray it in your home, the fragrance will last for 4 to 5 hours. But by using the original Kasturi attar on yourself or spraying it in-house during any event, the fragrance will last more than 7 hours.   

Health Benefits  

There are various health benefits of using pure attars. Attars are made from distilled flower petals and water. There are several medical and stimulative purposes for using attar. Attar also helps in reducing stress, high blood pressure etc.   

On the other hand, there are no health benefits to using synthetic perfumes.   

For example, in aromatherapy, only attars are used. Mostly, original mitti attar is used for this therapy, as it has a very pleasant and earthy smell.    


A pure oudh attar perfume is expensive as it contains rare and best natural-based ingredients. Attars are costly due to the labour-intensive process required to make them but has many health benefits.  

Apart from that, some of the synthetic perfumes are very expensive as they might be from a reputed brand. But still, one can easily find a substitute for that in the local market and also perfume don’t have any health benefit.   


There are plenty of reasons why people prefer natural attar over synthetic perfumes. Hrishikesh ittar have the best collections of pure oudh attar. They capture the pure essence of nature and are made entirely of natural ingredients.