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The Premium Oud Attars & Their Fragrances

The Premium Oud Attars & Their Fragrances

Starting Off 

Ever heard about the Black Gold of the perfume world? If not, then the correct answer is ‘Oud’. The scarcity of oud, which is estimated to be produced by less than 2% of wild agar trees, is one factor in its high price.   

The oldest trees, which are even rare, are said to produce the greatest oud and gives the best essential oil scents in perfumes, according to experts.  

In the middle east, Oud is known for its strong and delightful fragrance. It comes from the world's rarest and most expensive woods. In Western countries' Oud gives a stimulating but divisive fragrance.    

What is Oud?  

The fungus-infected heartwood of the agar tree is mostly found in the deep woods of Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh. This is where this essential oil, also known as agarwood, is produced. It is either removed from the wood by distillation or the wax is melted.   

In the wild, just one tree out of ten is expected to have diseased heartwood. Because of the better richness of the resin's scent, seasoned perfumers seek these elder trees. Sadly, a large number of these elder trees are currently regarded as vulnerable species.  

It is estimated that a total of 2 per cent of these trees produce it, as the resin is only active by the formation of mould. That’s why it is counted as one of the most expensive items in the essential oil market. Oud oil is considered the main ingredient while making the best perfumes for women and men.    

Types of Ouds   

There are many countries which are known as the best producers of Oud oil. As a result, each type of oud oil is named after the country in which it is produced. Here are some of the most famous and best oud oils-  

Indian Oud Oil  

Indian oud oil is distinguished as being natural oil. This oil gives 100 different fragrances. Indian Oud Oil is famous for producing the best mogra attar. It is extracted from dense agarwood trees in the Indian region of Assam using ancient or modern methods.  

The best varieties of Indian agarwood essential oil always smell powerful and fragrant and last for a long time on the body and clothes. It is one of the costliest types of oud oil.  

There are various kinds of Indian Oud Oil including - 

  • Moataq,  
  • Royal,  
  • Assam,  
  • Oud Indian Sioufi,  
  • Agarwood and many more.   

Cambodian Oil Agarwood  

One of the greatest varieties of oud oil is the luxurious Cambodian agarwood oil, which is derived from Cambodian agarwood trees. Because of the weight and longevity of the oud crumb, oud Cambodia is just as significant as Indian oud.  

Cambodian produces the greatest kind of opulent agarwood oil, and its name is connected to the usage of superb agarwood paint by royalty.  

There are various kinds of Cambodian Oil Agarwood like Kalkasi, Antique, Cocoon, Cambodian super oil Agarwood etc.   

Laotian Oil Agarwood  

One of the greatest varieties of natural oud oil is the exquisite Laotian agarwood oil. Laos, a nation in Southeast Asia, has woods from which agarwood oil is collected.   

Comparatively speaking to other kinds of oud oil, its fragrance is more widely dispersed. The Laotian Agarwood is wealthy because of its high cost, rarity, luxury, and superior quality.  

There are various kinds of Laotian Oud Oil including Pure, VIP, Super, Laosi agarwood oil Fuso etc.   

Burmese Oud Oil  

The best old Burmese agarwood tree forests are used to create beautiful agarwood oil. The lengthy stability and distinctively strong aroma of the uncommon Burmese agarwood oil set it apart from other varieties of agarwood oil.   

The beautiful fragrance of Burmese agarwood oil. There are many types of Burmese oud oil like- Moattaq and Ancient Burmese Agarwood oil.   

Burmese oud oil is used produces the best and pure Gulab attar. India and Bulgaria are one of the best producers of Rose attar.  

Thailand Agarwood oil   

Extracted from the authentic Thai agarwood trees that grow naturally in Thailand is the luxurious agarwood oil. It is always distinguished by a light tint, a decent degree of stability on skin and clothing, and a pleasant scent.  

Several facilities extract the greatest varieties of Thai agarwood oil across the world. Considering its high quality and inexpensive pricing, Thai oud oil is available in a variety of forms, including Trat, Royal, Steamed and also Pure Agarwood Parchin.    

Oud uses in the modern world  

Agarwood oil is used to treat several skin conditions and illnesses. This oil's spiritual scent is thought to contain psychotropic qualities. That advances the spiritual path by bringing about a profound inner calm, harmonising emotions, igniting positive energy, and heightening consciousness.   

The seductive undertones of oud essential oil are frequently utilised in aromatherapy diffuser oils to fragrance, elevate, and brighten the environment.  

For having an aromatherapy, the best mitti attar perfume is used for great results. It is also made from essential oud oil.  

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it may be used to treat any skin issue, including redness, swelling, irritation, or even puffiness. It also reduces itching brought on by infections, dryness, and wound healing.   

It fights fungal infections, treats and lessens the appearance of dark spots, and helps to eliminate germs from the skin thanks to its antibacterial composition.  

The musky scent of oud essential oil is pleasing to the senses. It is frequently found in attar, perfumes, and colognes and is frequently linked to a Middle Eastern scent.  

Oud Attars  

Attar is one of the oldest used perfumes and is an essential oil that is distilled from flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, and other plant components, and it is utilised in the perfume business to provide a long-lasting scent.   

Attar is one of the best and expensive gift one can give to a women or men. In this category Gulab and Chamak Itar are the best options.   

Early Arabic manuscripts have a previous reference to the procedures and methods used to extract essential oils from botanicals.  

Oud is one of the main components which is used to make Attar. The best Oud Attar can be hard to find in the market. Making attar is a very long process and as it contains only natural ingredients which make Itar price very high.     

There are various kinds of attar in the market which are considered as best attar perfumes for women like-   

  • Nirvana Attar,   
  • Mogra Attar,   
  • Kasturi Attar,   
  • Gulab Attar,   
  • Mitti Attar,   
  • Noor Attar  

Ending Off 

There are more interesting facts to about Attar perfume. Find your own favourite and unique scent to boost your mood and self-confidence. Hrisikesh scents can complement your wardrobe and let you stand out with a rare fragrance.